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Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM Irvie Homes vacation Rentals Launched in 2016 and specializes in Short Term Rentals.  We host vacationers for tourism, business travelers, traveling nurses and temporary visitors to our cities.  Our homes are clean, comfortable and often packed with technology.  Our goal is to provide a wonderful stay while you focus on the purpose of trip weather relaxation or work.

Check our reviews and you will see that we come highly recommended from our previous guests.

We also help vacation rental owners maximize their property revenue through advanced marketing techniques across partner channels, and social media.  If you are interested in boosting your listing status, please reach out to Carl Vidal.

Carl Vidal Is Realtor with R1 Commercial Real-estate in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Irvie Homes is not related to R1 Commercial Real-estate and does not participate in Property Management or real estate sales.  Irvie Homes conducts marketing for Short Term Rentals and runs a reservation desk to coordinate reservation between guests and home owners.

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